Zachary Quinto’s Bathroom (2020)

Zachary Quinto has recently posted this picture on his Instagram account. It’s not clear whether the bathroom he’s standing in is his own; it would be interesting to know because there’s a beautiful display of perfume bottles in it.

Three bottles are by Le Labo: one of them contains 100ml of perfume, the other two 50ml of perfume. One of the smallest bottles is Another 13.

The other small bottle contains Neroli 36.

The third bottle could be Baie 19 or Bergamote 22, as pointed out in the comments to this post.

The tallest bottle with the black stopper is an eau de parfum by Diptyque. The front label is not visible, but I like to think it’s Tempo, the wonderful patchouli fragrance by the French label.

Picture source.

2 thoughts on “Zachary Quinto’s Bathroom (2020)”

  1. The front left one is Le Labo Neroli 36, the Le Labo behind it begins with a B, so Baie 19 or Bergamote 22.

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