Jade (1995)

jade_bornunicornMatt exposes Trina’s affairs by displaying pictures of them on her vanity. It’s a cruel and dramatic scene, but it gives us the chance to see some of the beauty products she uses.


annickgoutal_grandamour_bornunicornThe bottles of perfume are by Maitre Perfumeur et Gantier (the one at the centre of the vanity) and Annick Goutal (on the mirrored tray on the right).

chanel1970smakeup_bornunicornThere’s also a Chanel toning lotion. Something similar can be seen in a 1970s ad: at the time the product was called Lotion Tonique Refraichissante.

jade2_bornunicornIn the picture above there’s another Chanel product – the make-up remover Démaquillant Douceur, in the squared bottle used in the 1990s.

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