Cecil Baldwin’s Dresser (2018)

cecilbaldwin_bornunicornCecil Baldwin, the narrator of Welcome to Night Vale podcast and host of Night Vale’s radio station, keeps several memorabilia of the popular podcast in his house. In the picture above, some perfumes can be seen too.


farinacuirderussie_bornunicornAmong them, a fragrance by Aesop and Farina Cuir de Russie eau de toilette. This classic fragrance, also known by its German name (Russisch Leder), was launched in 1967.

Impossible to tell what Aesop fragrance sits on the dresser. The perfumes of the Australian brand are all housed in the same dark glass bottle, and the front side is not visible in the picture.

Thanks to A. Windfeldt for the id.

Picture source.

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