Cruising (1980)

I really like the arrangement in Nancy’s bathroom: it’s a small space, so the toiletries are displayed on a metal shelving unit facing a window.

oldspice_originalcologne_bornunicornThe first product I’ve noticed is on the second top shelf (just above Steve’s shoulder): it’s a bottle of the ever-present Old Spice after shave. On the same shelf there’s another interesting product, but more about it later.


pondspeachcoldcream_bornunicornOn the bottom shelf there are Rise shaving foam and a jar of Pond’s peach cold cream.

One of the last scenes of the film is set in the bathroom again, and we can get a better look at the product previously mentioned. It’s a black bottle of Après Soleil by Bain de Soleil, an after-tan lotion which can be seen in a 1977 advert featuring Rene Russo.

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