Joan Collins’ Dressing Table (1950s)

Beautiful Joan Collins looked gorgeous in this picture from the 1950s. Some intriguing charm is imparted by the several bottles sitting on her vanity, too.

rochasfemme_vintage_bornunicornFrom the left, there are two Rochas bottles, one of which has the glass stopper. I’d like to say this was Femme, but I’m not 100% sure: other three perfumes – Mousseline, Mouche and La Rose – were housed in the same curvy bottle. All these fragrances were created by Edmond Roudnitska.

rochasfemmecologne_bornunicorn.jpgThe same can be said for the bottle with the plastic stopper: this one could be Femme eau de cologne, or one of the aforementioned scents.

The small square bottle with black stopper is the mini version of a Lanvin perfume. It’s unclear if it was Arpege or another scent (the same container was used to house different fragrances).

dior_dioramavintagebottle_bornunicornNext, there’s a bottle of Christian Dior Dioramaa chypre fruity creation by Edmond Roudnitska launched in 1948. Am I the only one who has always seen Dior’s signature bow-topped front label as the peak of Parisian chic?

worthjereviens_bornunicornThe fluted “skyscraper” bottle is quite unmistakable: it’s Je Reviens by Worth, a fragrance created by Maurice Blanchet and launched in 1932.

The round lace-printed box on the right is another product by Rochas, a perfumed talcum powder which, I guess, was from the Femme line.

A couple of words on the two of the four bottles I haven’t identified, starting with the bottle with rectangular stopper. It looks like Lancôme Bocages, but I can’t see the peculiar semi-circular shape in the stopper. Then the glass bottle on the right looks like a Chanel one, but have Chanel front labels ever been that rectangular? Any ideas on these doubts of mine are welcome!

Thanks to Scentimentalist and Le Petit Civet for the Lanvin id.

3 thoughts on “Joan Collins’ Dressing Table (1950s)”

  1. Such a fabulous pic. I can’t imagine La Collins in anything other than Femme, can you? And I suspect the little square bottle in the middle is a Lanvin. Also, agree that the ‘Chanel’ looks somewhat mysterious. But the one that’s really got me foxed is the bottle with the ball cap on the far right. Soooooo familiar …

    1. Yes, you’re right 🙂
      Lanvin, you say. Yeah, it can be. Let me check.
      Oh, that one! I didn’t even focus on it because I knew it was tough. The round stopper makes me think of Lelong minis, but this is clearly not the case…

  2. Your website is truly, wonderfully addictive – a real nostalgia trip for me…
    I’ll venture a guess that the bottle on the right with the ball cap might be “White Shoulders” by Evyan?
    I, too, can totally see Joan Collins wearing “Femme” by Rochas back in the day. Such a total babe fragrance. I have a vintage bottle of Femme that was my mother’s. It brings back wonderful memories from when she would get dressed up back in the late ’60s, early ’70s and she and my father would go into NYC for the evening.

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