Wine Country (2019)

winecountry_bornunicorn (1)winecountry_bornunicorn (2)origins_plantscriptioncleanser_bornunicornorigins_plantscriptionantiagingcream_bornunicornNaomi (Maya Rudolf) keeps two Origins products in the bathroom she shares with her friends: both are from the Plantscription line. The tube is the anti-age cleanser; the jar could be many things, because the same container has been used for different creams.colgatetoothpastemouthwash_bornunicorn.jpgThere’s also the 2-in-1 toothpaste and mouthwash by Colgate.

The two tiny bottles are travel-size products by Hask: the blue-cap one is the argan oil repairing conditioner, while the pink-cap one is the monoi coconut oil nourishing shampoo.

Thanks to Emily in the comments for the Hask id.

3 thoughts on “Wine Country (2019)”

  1. idk if my previous comment went through but that looks like a mini/travel size of hask monoi/coconut and argan oil! possibly… (also i am obsessed with your site, hope all my comments aren’t too much! 🙂

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