Judy Garland’s Make-Up Case (1968)

judygarlandtravelcase_bornunicornIf I think of all the make-up cases, dressing tables and vanities I’ve written about on this blog, I don’t think I’ve ever been excited like this time. The present entry is something special, because it features the make-up case of Judy Garland (circa 1968). Just from the picture above, you may see why I’m so happy: there’s a superlative selection of perfumes and toiletries! All of them are part of a lot sold at an auction: besides the make-up case, it included a sewing basket and a travel mirror, several make-up items and hair accessories, some documents, pictures and one Salvatore Ferragamo black suede pump.

Let’s see what perfumes she carried in her case.

carven_magriffessencepourlebain_bornunicornFirst, not really a perfume, but a bath fragrance. It’s Ma Griffe by Carven, originally created by Jean Carles and launched in 1946.

guerlainvoldenuittalc_bornunicornThe stunning white bottle with black label and gold lettering is a Guerlain talc; the fragrance is Vol de Nuit, one of the most famous creations by Jacques Guerlain, launched in 1933.

lanvinarpegenaturalspray_bornunicornIt’s not surprising that the perfume bottles she travelled with were spray (and not splash). The fluted one with black and gold stopper is Arpege by Lanvin, a creation of Andre Fraysse launched in 1922.

rochasfemmerefillableatomiser_bornunicornThe lace-like bottle is none other than Femme by Rochas, created by Edmond Roudnitska and launched in 1944.

I wish I could identify the make-up items too, but they unfortunately have no labels and a pretty standard packaging.

Picture source.

2 thoughts on “Judy Garland’s Make-Up Case (1968)”

  1. Stumbled across this post and loved it. You should reach out to an English makeup artist by the name of Lisa Eldridge. She’d be enthralled by your posts, I’m sure. She may also be able to shed some light on the make-up.

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