Ammore e Malavita (2017)

vlcsnap-2018-03-29-01h55m40s080One of the criminals appearing in the movie has got a very busy bathroom cabinet, filled with perfumes and colognes!

floidaftershaveatomiser_bornunicornIn the screencap above, he’s holding a bottle of Floid after shave with black pump atomiser. This brand was founded in the 1930s in Barcelona, and it’s still highly appreciated by fans of traditional shaving and skincare.

pinosilvestreaftershave_bornunicornThe only product I was able to identify in the packed cabinet is Pino Silvestre after shave, another classic men’s product, this time quintessentially Italian. Created by Lino Vidal and launched in 1955, it’s a fougère fragrance with fresh top notes. I remember I loved Pino Silvestre bath gel when I was a child: it was a staple in our shower.

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