On the Set of “Call Me By Your Name”

When I bumped into pictures from the set of Call Me By Your Name (2017) by Luca Guadagnino, I felt my id radar tingle, because I knew plenty of beauty products were waiting to be identified. The pictures, taken by the Italian photographer Giulio Ghirardi, beautifully portray the elegant interiors of the 17th-century Lombardy mansion where the film is set. The green-tiled bathroom [1] is filled with Italian drugstore products which bring me back to my childhood.

anticaerboristeriashampoo_bornunicornOn the bathtub metal tray there’s a bottle of Antica Erboristeria shampoo.

tumblr_n4va0haqq91sm54eyo2_1280shampooschultz_bornunicornFrom a different perspective we see there are other two shampoo bottles on the tray – Johnson’s Baby shampoo and Schultz chamomile shampoo.

soluzioneschoum_bornunicornprepcrema_bornunicorn.pngOn the glass shelf by the mirror there’s a bottle of Soluzione Schoum, a medication for urinary and biliary tract spasms. The jar with the blue cap is the pre-shave/after-shave cream Prep, with a delicious mentholated scent.


amaromedicinalegiuliani_bornunicornOn the table by the door there’s a bottle of Roberts Borotalco talcum powder. The bottle made of dark glass is another Italian digestive tonic, Amaro Medicinale Giuliani.

[1] It’s nice to see the bathroom has Palladian floors, made with the ancient technique of using small pieces of marble or stones. Such a typically Italian floor style!

Picture source.

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