De Djess (2015)

dedjess_bornunicornmacladydanger_bornunicornThere’s a MAC red lipstick on Divina’s dressing table. Gianetti (Yanet Mojica), one of the maids who work at the hotel where the events take place, puts it on, along with the dress which is the protagonist of the story. My guess is that it’s Lady Danger, a vivid bright coral-red, one of the most famous shades by the American brand.

De Djess by the Italian director Alice Rohrwacher is the 9th short movie commissioned by Miu Miu as part of the series Women’s Tales. Take some time to watch it because it’s fantastic. Set in the historical Hotel Excelsior in Venice, it tells the story of a dress mysteriously coming ashore, a dress which has a soul and its own language.

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