Karen Elson’s Beauty Spree (2014)


sisleyhydraglobal_bornunicornsisleyphytoblancmilk_bornunicornmarvistoothpaste_bornunicornKaren Elson has recently posted the picture of a shopping bag full of beauty products on her Instagram account, commenting: “I’m a beauty product junkie. Can’t help myself. I go in for one thing then come out with a bag full”. I totally feel you, Karen, so welcome to the beauty addict club. But let’s see what Miss Elson has bought: a bottle of Moroccanoil shampoo and a plethora of Sisley skincare products, among which full sizes of Hydra-Flash intensive hydrating mask, Hydra-Global intense anti-aging moisturizer and Phyto-Blanc lightening cleansing milk. In addition, there are samples of Global Perfect pore minimizerSisleÿa Global Anti-Age cream, Huile Precieuse a la Rose Noire face oil and Baume Efficace eye and lip contour balm. Last but not least, a box of Marvis toothpaste in Classic Strong Mint.

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