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Black Widow (1987)

Catharine (Theresa Russell) is the widow of a New York publishing tycoon who has apparently died of Ondine’s curse. The death occurred while she was out on a trip: when she’s back, she’s alone in her luxury Manhattan apartment.

In a short sequence set in her bathroom we can see two interesting perfume bottles – both by Paloma Picasso.

Mon Parfum, created with perfumer Francis Bocris and launched in 1984, is a floral chypre fragrance that perfectly identifies the 1980s. Bold, complex and Mediterranean, it is housed in a fascinating round bottle where the “core” contains the perfume. The choice of the prop master makes a lot of sense: Catherine is a multi-faceted woman who doesn’t hide her sensuality and passionate personality, so I can really see her wearing Mon Parfum.

Catherine is a wealthy woman, so the fact that she uses two versions of the same perfume is not surprising. The frosted glass bottle contains the pure perfume (extrait).

The glossy black glass bottle contains the eau de parfum.

There are other bottles on the glass shelves in Catherine’s bathroom but most of them have a decorative purpose.

The one filled with green liquid is Rochas Mystère, though.

Thanks to Jane Daly who first posted this on her Instagram account.