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Bones and All (2022)

When Maren (Taylor Russell) goes to a drugstore to buy a shampoo, we get a nice selection of 1980s products.

On the top shelf, on the left there are some bottles of Silkience conditioner.

The black bottle is Suave Salon Formula conditioner.

Other Suave products follow: the white bottle with purple and sage green logo is Suave Daily Clarifying conditioner. The metallic blue bottle contains Suave Frequent Use conditioner.

Next, there’s Suave Full Body shampoo.

The bottle that Maren selects is Suave moisturizing conditioner.

On the right side of the shelf there are some bottles of Rave unscented hairspray.

More Suave shampoos can be seen in the bottom shelf, starting from the left. Among them, Suave moisturizing shampoo.

There are also some bottles of Head & Shoulders shampoo.

The green bottles contain Clairol Small Miracle extra-body conditioner. Next, more Silkience bottles (the product they contain is unclear).

The blue bottles on the right contain Finesse conditioner. Last, another haircare product, this time by Prell.

Close-up on the Suave conditioner that Maren decides to buy.