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Silent Night (2021)

Several beauty products and toiletries can be seen in the bathroom where twins Thomas and Hardy are having a bath.

On the shelf behind Simon (Matthew Goode) we can see Jo Malone body & hand wash and a jar of body crème.

On the same shelf there’s also a pump bottle of Ortigia Neroli shower gel.

Last, a tube of Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste.

Thanks to Alessandra for submitting this post.

The Girl on the Train (2016)

thegirlonthetrain_bornunicornThere are several body cleansers in Megan’s shower.

jomalone_bodyandhandwashgel_bornunicornThe first from the left is a body and hand wash by Jo Malone.

thegirlonthetrain_bornunicorn (2)When she gets near the window (from where she can see the train to New York passing through), the other three products are clearer.

cobigeloweucalyptusbodycleanser_bornunicornThe first is Eucalyptus body cleanser by C. O. Bigelow.

rogergallet_roseshowergel_bornunicornThe second is Roger & Gallet Rose gentle shower cream.

cobigelow_elixirwhitehairandbodywash_bornunicornAnd the last tube is Elixir White hair & body wash, another C. O. Bigelow product.

Thanks to Jay for the submission and for telling me about this film: I had never watched it before and I enjoyed it a lot.

The Intern (2015)

theintern_bornunicorn (2)

drbronner_lavenderpurecastilesoap_bornunicornjomalone_bodywash_bornunicornThere are many products on a shelf in Jules Ostin’s bathroom. On the far right there’s a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s lavender pure Castile liquid soap. On a white tray there’s a pump bottle of Jo Malone body and hand wash.

theintern_bornunicorn (4)


On the same white tray there are some Aesop products. The tall pump bottle could be the Resurrection Aromatique hand wash, the classic conditioner or a body cleanser, while the shorter bottles could be a shampoo or a body cleanser.

kiehlsbodywash_bornunicorn kiehlsshampooconditioner_bornunicorn

kiehlsoriginalmuskbodywash_bornunicornThe two white tall bottles on the far left are Kiehl’s products. They could be a body wash, a shampoo or a conditioner. The third Kiehl’s bottle is the Original Musk Blend N°1 bath and shower liquid body cleanser.

Thanks to my Instagram friend Mustapha for the Jo Malone body wash id.