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American Horror Story S06E10

americanhorrorstory_s06e10_bornunicornWith Lee Harris on the run, sieged in the Roanoke House, people are desperate to know more about her. Actor William Van Henderson (Denis O’Hare), who played Dr. Elias Cunningham in My Roanoke Nightmare, appears on the news, but he can’t say much about her. They briefly met at Paley Fest 2015: he remembers she wore Shalimar.

SHALIMAR08010 BASEARyan Murphy must be a fan of the Guerlain perfume. You may remember a character from American Horror Story: Hotel (Ramona Royale) wears it. 

American Horror Story S05E05 (Room Service)

americanhorrorstory_s05e05_bornunicorn (1)

americanhorrorstory_s05e05_bornunicorn (2)

americanhorrorstory_s05e05_bornunicorn (3)The flashback scene, set in 1984, explaining the metamorphosis of the medical sales representative Nick Pryor (Denis O’Hare) into Liz Taylor is the center of the episode. The Countess (Lady GaGa) doesn’t turn Nick into a vampire, but convinces him to embrace his real self. “You smell like a woman,” she says and he’s not convinced yet: “It’s Paco Rabanne”, he replies, thus stressing the fact that he still clinging to the idea of himself as a man.


The perfume Nick wears is classic men’s fragrance, an aromatic fougère created by Jean Martel and launched in 1973. According to Fragrantica, its top notes are rosemary, clary sage and brazilian rosewood; middle notes are tonka bean, lavender and geranium; base notes are honey, amber, musk and oakmoss.