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American Horror Story S04E13 (Curtain Call)

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americanhorrorstory_s04e13_bornunicorn (9)In the season finale Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) has finally become a Hollywood household name, but her make-up habits haven’t changed: she keeps on using the same products she used back in Jupiter, Florida. In this scene she’s filming a commercial for Campfire Gold instant coffee, but she doesn’t like her script. On her dressing table we can see some items spotted in other episodes.

There’s a Bésame cake mascara.

There’s also a lipstick by the same brand. The shades used on this character are Cherry Red and Red Hot Red.

There’s a red pot of cream rouge, a product which can be used on lips and cheeks.

besamevioletpowder_bornunicornThe white pot with the red lid is the Brightening Violet powder, a translucent powder which brightens any skin tone.

The season finale aired yesterday but I know I’ll miss it. Sure, it had some serious WTH moments; I didn’t agree with some choices (poor Maggie), but I thoroughly enjoyed the last episodes. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to learning more about the 5th season.


American Horror Story S04E13 (Curtain Call)

americanhorrorstory_s04e13_bornunicorn (3)Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock) is now the owner of Elsa Mars’ freak show and, as such, gets ready for his “performing” debut… The spoiled boy definitely has a talent but it will turn against him. This scene is very interesting because it echoes a similar scene from the 5th episode (Pink Cupcakes). In both scenes, the owners of the freak show are putting their make-up on: they are using almost the same products, and some shots (the one where they apply some lipstick) are the same, as a mirror image.

There’s a Bésame cake mascara, which Dandy uses on the inner waterline.

americanhorrorstory_s04e13_bornunicorn (4)Then there’s a Signature powder compact.

americanhorrorstory_s04e13_bornunicorn (5)

americanhorrorstory_s04e13_bornunicorn (6)

besamecosmetics_champagnelipstick_bornunicornAnd then the omnipresent gold bullet-shaped lipstick. Dandy uses a nude shade, Champagne, creamy beige with a slight sheen. It looks like a lip balm on him.

The 4th season of the show is now over, but stay tuned for one last update.

American Horror Story S04E06 (Bullseye)

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americanhorrorstory_s04e06_bornunicorn (6)Venetian Romance is a fictional perfume which has an important role in this episode. It’s Penny’s signature scent, the one she wears when she meets her lover Paul (Mat Fraser).

americanhorrorstory_s04e06_bornunicorn (7)Paul goes to a drugstore to buy it for Penny. Thanks to the screencap above we can see its bottle is actually the one of a historical and extremely popular perfume, Evening in Paris by Bourjois. The cobalt blue bottle with the curved label began appearing in the late 1940s/early 1950s, so the choice to use it is historically accurate. A cobalt blue talcum powder bottle of the same scent can be seen on the drugstore shelf, too.

americanhorrorstory_s04e06_bornunicorn (15)

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americanhorrorstory_s04e06_bornunicorn (17)In the episode we also learn that Paul is Elsa Mars’s lover. She smells Venetian Romance on him and understands he’s having an affair with another woman.

americanhorrorstory_s04e06_bornunicorn (18)As a revenge, she badly wounds Paul: she straps him to a bullseye wheel and stabs him on purpose. Penny arrives to the circus and finds Paul fighting for his life. Elsa immediately realizes she’s the one Paul is having an affair with. “Speaking of cheap perfume” conveys her contempt for the perfume and for its wearer (let’s not forget she wears Caron Nuit de Noël), but also her envy for the two star-crossed lovers.

American Horror Story S04E11 (Magical Thinking)

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besamecosmeticslipstick_bornunicornA gold bullet-shaped lipstick on Elsa Mars’s dressing table means one thing only: Bésame Cosmetics!

Several products from the American brand have been featured in Freakshow so far: a lipstick and a cream rouge pot on the Tattler twins’ dressing table; a mascara, a powder compact and a lipstick on Elsa’s dressing table; mascara and lipstick again at a drugstore. The lip colours have been extensively used in the show, as well. Now that only two episodes are left, I hope we will be given more eye candy from the vintage-inspired company.


American Horror Story S04E06 (Bullseye)

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royaltyhairnet_bornunicornDandy Mott (Finn Wittrock) buys some beauty stuff for the Tattler twins. His purchases include Bésame Cosmetics cake mascaras and lipsticks (in the trademark red velvet pouch) and Royalty hair nets (in their original 1950s packaging). He also buys compacts, hair clips, Band Aid tin boxes, satin headbands and eyelash curlers.

American Horror Story S04E05 (Pink Cupcakes)

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (1)

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (2)besame_cakemascara_bornunicornSeveral Bésame Cosmetics products on Elsa Mars’s dressing table. First of all, we can see a cake mascara, that can be used as eyeliner, too.

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (3)besamecompact_bornunicornSecond, a Signature powder compact.

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (4)

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (6)lipstick_cherry_grandeThird, a lipstick, which can be seen in the first screencap as well. The shade used on Elsa was Cherry Red, a deep rich cherry from 1935.