Island of Lost Souls (1932)

There are many generic perfume bottles on Lota’s dressing table, but there’s one which cannot be ignored.

It’s the wonderful flacon bouchon coeur by Guerlain! Designed by Raymond Guerlain in collaboration with Baccarat, it was originally created to house extraits of three fragrances by Jacques Guerlain – L’Heure Bleue (1912), Fol Arôme (1912) and Mitsouko (1919).

All of them were already on the market when the film was made, but which one was so popular in the U.S.A. to appear as a prop in a controversial [1] science fiction horror film? I would personally go with Mitsouko.

The two atomisers on the left are by DeVilbiss.

[1] The film, violent and gruesome, was heavily censored for years.

Thanks to Ramón Jurado for submitting this post and to Caroline Louise for the DeVilbiss id.

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