The Sandman S01E09 (Collectors)

There are two interesting perfumes on Lyta’s dressing table. And they are very much so because this scene has an unusual setting: this table is in the house that Lyta’s deceased husband Hector has built for them in the Dreaming.

They are probably perfumes that the woman already wears on the ordinary plan of reality or maybe they have been selected to be worn in a different dimension.

The first fragrance (boxed) is Chanel Coco eau de toilette. It’s an amber spicy creation by Jacques Polge, first launched in 1984.

The second, in the gold bottle, is the extrait de parfum of Yves Saint Laurent Cinéma, an amber floral fragrance created by Jacques Cavallier and launched in 2004.

Thanks to LePetitCivet and reveur_etc for the YSL id.

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