Fin de siglo (2019)

On their first meeting, Ocho and Javi visit the Museu de Perfum in Barcelona, founded in 1961, currently displaying more than 5,000 bottles. Some of them are highlighted in a brief scene.

The first bottle from the left is Schiaparelli Zut, housed in a geometric flacon. This perfume was created by Jean Carles and launched in 1948.

One of the most treasured pieces of the museum is a limited-edition Baccarat bottle designed by Salvador Dalí. Le Roy Soleil by Schiaparelli has the shape of a rock surrounded by waves, while the sun-shaped stopper is painted with flying birds to create a face. The packaging is a gold metal shell-shaped box lined in beige silk. This perfume, produced in 1947, was created to celebrate the end of WWII and was a homage – from the title to the bottle design – to Louis XIV.

The ivy leaf-shaped bottle (designed by Michel de Brunhoff) on the right is another Schiaparelli creation – Succès Fou. This woody/floral perfume was launched in 1953.

Another cabinet displays Guerlain perfumes. The first bottle on the left (a Baccarat flacon designed by George Chevalier) contains Djedi extrait. This oriental chypre perfume, launched in 1927, was created by Jacques Guerlain.

There are some flacons noeud papillon by Guerlain in two versions – the cobalt blue glass one and the gold and cobalt blue glass one. It’s unclear what fragrances they house because this bottle was designed to contain the extraits of several perfumes, like Kriss and Coque d’Or.

Half-hidden in the background there’s a cobalt blue flacon lanterne, first launched in 1935 to contain extraits of perfumes like Jicky, Rue de la Paix and Cuir de Russie.

Last but not least, a very original item: it’s HIS cologne by Northwoods, a fragrance launched in 1940. A man-shaped dark red bottle with a “face” stopper is designed in an Art-Deco style.

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