Christian Louboutin’s Bathroom (2020)


caronpourunhomme_bornunicornHave you ever wondered what perfumes celebrities wear in real life? I love watching pictures of their houses and bathrooms, because there’s always something interesting sitting on vanities, shelves and bedside tables.

Think of Christian Louboutin, for example. What perfume does the designer of the world-famous shoes à la semelle rouge wear? If you’re thinking about something unusual or incredibly exclusive, think again. A classic of French perfumery – Pour un Homme de Caron – can be seen in the beautiful bathroom of his French château. This perfume – with traditional notes of lavender, musk and vanilla – was created by Ernest Daltroff and launched in 1934.

Picture source.

2 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin’s Bathroom (2020)”

  1. Love the new site! (It is new, right?) Your press clippings are super impressive too. I love this photo…so interesting to see his setup. It would be a hoot if he had some of his own nail polish and makeup!

    1. Hi! No, it’s not new. I often change the template so it sometimes *looks* new but I’ve been running it since the early 2010s, in different forms (first on Tumblr, then I moved to WordPress). I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

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