Lena Dunham’s Bathroom (2014)


IMG_6089Yesterday Lena Dunham posted this picture on her Instagram account. She wore her pajamas and Allstate Foundation Purple Purse bag, a symbol of what the foundation does – supporting domestic violence survivors and the organizations that serve them. She snapped the picture in her bathroom and I couldn’t help but notice an empty Chanel no. 5 giant factice next to the wash-basin. This type of bottle is used in shops for display and it is filled with coloured water, but I think it’s nice to keep in a bathroom, too, especially if you’re a fan of that perfume. So does this mean Lena is a Chanel no. 5 wearer? I wouldn’t be surprised if she were.



5 thoughts on “Lena Dunham’s Bathroom (2014)”

    1. I actually like her a lot. Sure, another self-centred person but the adjective “repulsive” is just wrong. Don’t you think so? I found the picture online; click on the word “giant factice” in the text to see its source.

        1. Racist? Really? What are you referring to exactly?

          I don’t even want to comment on that excerpt from her book because I think it’s been completely misinterpreted.

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