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The Muppet Show S03E02 (Leo Sayer)

themuppetshow302_leosayer_bornunicornIn this episode of the Muppet Show, Miss Piggy comes face to face with one of her worst enemies, Annie Sue, introduced as “one of the Muppets’ delightful little ladies of song.” Annie is a fan of the primadonna, but her admiration is unrequited, so much that Miss Piggy kicks her out of her dressing room.

voldenuit_vintage_guerlain_bornunicornIn the scene above, you can see the flacon rayonnant of Guerlain Vol de Nuit. The woody powdery perfume, created by Jacques Guerlain in 1933, shows how refined the leading lady of the show is.

Picture source.

Thanks to Vincent Legrudge for the id.