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Friends S02E02 (The One With The Breast Milk)

friends_s02e02_bornunicorn (1)

friends_s02e02_bornunicorn (3)

friends_s02e02_bornunicorn (2)Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is working as cologne spritzer at a menswear shop. On the counter behind him bottles of Bijan perfumes in different sizes are visible.

bijan_dnaformen_bornunicornbijan_dna_bornunicornbijan_bornunicornbijan_edt_women_bornunicornThere are bottles of DNA For Men and For Women, a factice bottle of Bijan Women eau de parfum (made of glass) and Bijan Women eau de toilette (the one with the white stopper).

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Friends S07E24 (The One With Chandler and Monica’s Wedding)


narspalette_bornunicornMonica Geller (Courtney Cox) is ready to put her make-up on using a NARS palette.

The episode aired in May 2001, so I wonder what was Monica’s palette. Probably the now-iconic American Beauty, which I think was the first palette of the brand, combining four neutral powder eyeshadows, two Multiples and four neutral lipsticks.