make-up products in tv shows

American Horror Story S04E11 (Magical Thinking)

A gold bullet-shaped lipstick on Elsa Mars's dressing table means one thing only: Bésame Cosmetics! Several products from the American brand have been featured in Freakshow so far: a lipstick and a cream rouge pot on the Tattler twins' dressing table; a mascara, a powder compact and a lipstick on Elsa's dressing table; mascara and lipstick… Continue reading American Horror Story S04E11 (Magical Thinking)

make-up products in tv shows

Agent Carter (2015)

Have you ever wondered what is the exact lipstick shade worn by Agent Margaret "Peggy" Carter (Hayley Atwell), the Marvel character who is among the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D.? The British actress, who's currently filming the tv series Agent Carter, revealed it on her Twitter account. When it comes to retro and glamourous shades, there's one way… Continue reading Agent Carter (2015)

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American Horror Story S04E06 (Bullseye)

Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock) buys some beauty stuff for the Tattler twins. His purchases include Bésame Cosmetics cake mascaras and lipsticks (in the trademark red velvet pouch) and Royalty hair nets (in their original 1950s packaging). He also buys compacts, hair clips, Band Aid tin boxes, satin headbands and eyelash curlers.

make-up products in tv shows

American Horror Story S04E05 (Pink Cupcakes)

Several Bésame Cosmetics products on Elsa Mars's dressing table. First of all, we can see a cake mascara, that can be used as eyeliner, too. Second, a Signature powder compact. Third, a lipstick, which can be seen in the first screencap as well. The shade used on Elsa was Cherry Red, a deep rich cherry from 1935.