American Horror Story S04E05 (Pink Cupcakes)

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (1)

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (2)besame_cakemascara_bornunicornSeveral Bésame Cosmetics products on Elsa Mars’s dressing table. First of all, we can see a cake mascara, that can be used as eyeliner, too.

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (3)besamecompact_bornunicornSecond, a Signature powder compact.

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (4)

americanhorrorstoryfreakshow_s04e05_bornunicorn (6)lipstick_cherry_grandeThird, a lipstick, which can be seen in the first screencap as well. The shade used on Elsa was Cherry Red, a deep rich cherry from 1935.

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