Wonho’s Open Mind (2020)

In September 2020 the South Korean singer released a very stylish video for his single Open Mind. It’s not common to see perfumes featured in K-Pop music videos, so it was a nice surprise to see them here.

In close-up shots the front labels of perfumes are covered but that hasn’t stopped me from identify them.

The first bottle from the left is by Diptyque. It’s impossible to tell what fragrance it houses but it could be an eau de parfum, judging from the dark glass.

In the background the white stopper of Creed Love in White can be seen.

The gold bottle unmistakenly contains another Creed product – Millésime Imperial.

The aqua blue bottle houses Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

Last but not least, on the far right there’s the hot red bottle of Tom Ford Lost Cherry.

This shot features some of the bottles we’ve just seen but there’s more: the bottle on the far right – another Diptyque product – is shown sideways, so it’s possible to identify it from the label.

This spiral design can be found on the back label of the eau de toilette Eau de Sens.

We also get a couple of shots where two tables with the perfumes are fully visible. On the left table there’s a bottle of Jo Malone Cologne Intense. Too bad the front label cannot be read, so we don’t know exactly what scent it is.

The last shot shows other perfume bottles not previously shown.

On the left table there’s Tom Ford Black Orchid.

In front of it there’s another Creed fragrance – Aventus.

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