Servant S02E04 (2:00)

In the Turners’ attic there’s a round tray with some bottles, snow globes and other items covered in dust. The bottle that attracts (and surprises) me the most is the blue one made of glass, a Guerlain product.

It’s a soothing toner from the Odélys line, launched in the early 1990s for the needs of sensitive and weakened skin. Now discontinued, it had an elegant teal packaging.

I’ve spotted many Guerlain products through the years but never one from this line, which is surprising. I perfectly remember when it first came out; needless to say, I was in love with its packaging, which at the time looked impossibly cool (and still does).

The pale pink jar contains Dew of Roses skin softener by Avon.

The tall bottle next to the Wedgwood-style jar is Caron Bain de Champagne (now Royal Bain de Caron), an Ernest Daltroff fragrance first launched in 1923.

Thanks to Alessandra for the screencap and to Kelly in the comments for the Avon and Caron ids.

6 thoughts on “Servant S02E04 (2:00)”

  1. I spot Royal Bain de Champagne, now called Royal Bain de Caron. Fabulous scent, I have it. The pink jar looks like Avon Roses Roses perfumed skin softener.
    I am obsessed with the jar on the right. It could be Avon also.

  2. Bain de Caron is truly exquisite and unisex. Very special, I hope it’s still available.
    Roses Roses was one of many Avon scents that were classy and elegant, unfortunately most scents today all smell the same…

    1. Yes: Bain de Caron is still available.

      I know what you mean. It’s quite depressing really: I never walk into a perfume shop to try new perfumes anymore for this exact reason. Marketable trends dominate the mainstream industry 😓

      1. ❤️❤️❤️
        Glad I could help!
        I had to look up this show. The set decorator is amazing, what a classy collection.
        I might be on a roll but the bottle next to Odelys and above Dew of Roses could be a Penhaligons Bath Oil.
        Sadly they discontinued their bath oils in the last couple of years. Another paragon of class and taste struck down sadly. I stocked up before they were discontinued. Nothing I have was that color so I don’t recognize it.

        1. I was thinking about Penhaligon’s but without the ribbon bow on the bottle I couldn’t identify it. Sadly yes, that’s another brand that has adapted to the current tastes and to the horrible trend of releasing more and more new scents every year. I was a huge Penhaligon’s fan but with the new business approach my enthusiasm has quickly vanished. Sad

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