Suburra S01E04 (Buon Appetito) and S01E05 (La lupa)

Spadino (Giacomo Ferrara) is a young member of a Sinti family which controls part of the illegal activities in Rome. Even if he’s homosexual (his mother knows but she’s not supportive), there’s an arranged wedding for him: he’s to marry Angelica, from another Sinti family.

His brother Manfredi (Adamo Dionisi) forces him to spend some time with his fiancé and he reluctantly accepts.

His bedroom is very flashy – arabesque wallpaper, animalier bed cover, a Thug Life poster, gold and purple furniture and a LED screen above the bed. The objects on his dresser, though, reveal a very different side of him.

There’s a brown box with yellow lettering from the Collezione Barbiere by Acqua di Parma. Such a choice contrasts with the image this character has created for himself.

But the real shock comes from the factice bottle with wicker decoration sitting on the same purple dresser.

This bottle is shown in another episode, just before the wedding ceremony. Spadino’s mother, Adelaide (Paola Sotgiu), is giving him a very important heirloom as gift – his late father’s switchblade.

I have no idea how a Revillon splash bottle ended up on that dresser, but I think it’s incredibly exciting. Unfortunately, the back of the bottle is shown, so I don’t know if the one in the TV show contains Detchema or Carnet de Bal (the wicker bottle was used for both).

Now the question is: is this a totally casual prop or was it specifically chosen for Spadino? Is he a lover of vintage perfumes? I hope I’ll see more in the second season (I’ve almost finished watching the first one).

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