Homecoming S01E05 (Helping)

Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts) is always focused on her job at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, so it’s rare to see her in a different environment. It happens in this episode, when she visits the beauty aisles at a department store. Her attention is on a
Lancôme display [1] and on one product in particular. The saleswoman (Perry Mattfeld) who assists Heidi says she “can’t live without” it. From Heidi’s question, we learn it’s a lip plumper.

The saleswoman dutifully lists its characteristics.

She holds a tube of it in her hands, so we know it’s L’Absolu Gloss Rôsy Plump lip plumper. Heidi will end up buying it, but soon she’ll wipe it away.

[1] This is not a coincidence: Julia Roberts has been a testimonial for the French brand since 2009.

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