Sharp Objects S01E03 (Fix)

sharpobjects_s01e03_bornunicorn (1)Adora Crellin (Patricia Clarkson) gets bandaged by her husband Alan after cutting her hand with rose thorns while gardening. Interesting objects can be seen on her vanity.

laliqueclairefontaineflacon_bornunicornThe perfume bottle with red stopper is a Lalique creation – Clairefontaine. The stopper reproduces lily of the valley stalks.

laprairieskincare_bornunicornThe blue bottle and jar with silver caps sitting in the middle of the table are La Prairie skincare products.

sharpobjects_s01e03_bornunicorn (2)laliqueanemonesflacon_bornunicornThere’s another Lalique bottle: it’s Les Anemones, featuring a frosted double-flower stopper and long dauber stem.

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