Gli amici di Milano (1963)

Franca Valeri is one of the most popular and talented Italian actresses. I’ve always loved her irony, her poised glamour and nonconformity. Imagine my delight when I found this clip from a 1963 tv documentary: the camera goes along the famous via Montenapoleone in Milan, and Franca (born in Milan) comments. The windows of a perfume shop are filmed, showing an array of Guerlain and Rochas perfumes.


vintage-guerlain-shalimar-eau-de-cologne-splash-1-7-oz-new-rope-sealed-7cc19a1fb031c4c8f019950e9bc5749a (1)

guerlain_vintagemitsouko_bornunicornFlacons montres and bouchon coeur flacons with their parquet boxes can be seen.




madamerochasrefillableatomiser_bornunicornIn the second window there are three versions of Rochas Madame Rochas: the Eau de Toilette (with the metal stopper), the Eau de Cologne (with the white plastic stopper) and the refillable atomiser.

3 thoughts on “Gli amici di Milano (1963)”

  1. I have the Rochas refillable atomiser. It’s nice to be able to date it (approximately). Good spotting!

  2. Hi, the metal capped version in the documentary is the pure parfum sitting on its presentation-box pedestal – it’s not the EDT or the PDT that’s in your picture (the PDT version was released in the late ’60s, and the EDT version was released in the early ’80s after Madame Rochas had been reformulated and smelled nothing like the original).
    The white capped bottle , as you correctly note, is the original EDC splash, and the atomizer is the 1 oz pure parfum refillable canister.

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