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Bad Education (2019)

Frank Tassone is a superintendent in Long Island: he's successfully brought the local high school - Roslyn High School - among the top schools of the country. He's appreciated by his colleagues, students and parents. He's always carefully groomed and loves using beauty products. In the opening scene he uses Lucky You by Liz Claiborne.… Continue reading Bad Education (2019)

perfumes in tv shows

Hollywood E06 (Meg)

The bottle seen on the dressing table in Ellen Kincaid's bedroom is Evening in Paris by Bourjois, a creation by Ernest Beaux originally launched in 1928 on the American market. Thanks to the huge success it had in the U.S., it was later launched in Europe as Soir de Paris. The choice of this particular… Continue reading Hollywood E06 (Meg)

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Hollywood E04 (Screen Tests)

Rock Hudson (Jake Picking) is another actor who's getting ready to audition for a role in the upcoming film Peg. On his dressing table there are several beauty items: some of them are by Bésame Cosmetics product, but there are vintage pieces too. There are a long-hair finishing powder brush and a lipstick by Bésame.… Continue reading Hollywood E04 (Screen Tests)

make-up products in tv shows

Hollywood E04 (Screen Tests)

Claire (Samara Weaving) and Camille (Laura Harrier) are getting ready to audition for the part of Peg Entwistle, the British actress who committed suicide in 1932 by jumping from the "H" on the Hollywoodland sign. On their dressing tables Bésame Cosmetics products can be seen. On the far right side of the table the golden… Continue reading Hollywood E04 (Screen Tests)

make-up products in tv shows

Hollywood E02 (Hooray for Hollywood: Part 2)

Lucille Reimann (Monica Lee Gradischek) works in the casting department at Ace Studios. Camille Washington, a promising black actress, candidates herself for a role in an upcoming film, but Lucille refuses her by saying it's a role for a white actress. The red lipstick Lucille is wearing is by Bésame Cosmetics.